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You can rise higher with cloud-based UC

If you’re not selling cloud, let’s talk about what’s holding you back. Moving to a cloud communications business model can be intimidating, but there are many great business reasons to shift to cloud UC:

  • Agility. In today’s changing world, your clients need to adapt quickly to market shifts. Maybe their customers are moving to different platforms. Maybe they need to add video collaboration or integrate multiple device types. A cloud UC solution is flexible enough to incorporate changes on the fly.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Investments in hardware depreciate as technology advances. But service-based, always-updated cloud technology maximizes ROI and keeps down the cost of hardware maintenance.
  • A wealth of features. Software-based cloud services are limited only by the imagination. When you partner with Mitel, you can offer your clients customized solutions with as many—or as few—features as they need.

Why Mitel for cloud?

Once you’re sold on the cloud, introduce your customers to a leader in agile digital transformation: Mitel.

Mitel starts with a base of reliable hardware, then layers on nimble solutions that will lead the way into the future. Whether your customers need contact-center, collaboration, or combined solutions, Mitel has a flexible, scalable platform that will meet every business challenge. Let’s look at their exemplary history:

  1. The 2018 HIS Markit UCaaS Scorecard listed Mitel as a leading UCaaS vendor.
  2. The Forrester Wave report for midsize contact centers noted Mitel’s leadership in the industry.
  3. Frost & Sullivan recognized Mitel with the 2017 North American UC Growth Excellence Leadership Award.
  4. Gartner’s Magic Quadrant has named Mitel a Leader for Unified Communications five years in a row.
  5. Tolley compared Mitel MiCloud Connect and MiCloud Flex favorably to other UC solutions.




Position yourself with ScanSource and Mitel

When you choose Mitel, you'll want to work with a dedicated partner that will move you and your customers into a successful future. ScanSource puts you first. With decades of market knowledge in every vertical, we can help you understand your customers’ needs and identity solutions that will offer the best value for them. We also have the resources to help you market your business, sell Mitel products, and sustain positive relationships with your customers.

Ready to make the move to ScanSource? Reach out to Daniel Posa, our dedicated Mitel onboarding specialist. He’s happy to assist any type of partner at every step of the process. From application to enablement, he’ll walk you through Mitel’s certification needs, introduce you to Mitel’s and ScanSource’s tools, and make your onboarding as easy and informative as possible. With his help, you’ll be equipped to make that crucial first sale.

Ready to get started with Mitel for cloud?

Contact our team today, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.