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Zebra gives you a performance edge in challenging cold conditions.

Mobility solutions are helping your business succeed in many strategic initiatives—from increased global presence to the need to reduce costs and cycle times, all while increasing sales and customer satisfaction. But your current mobility solutions stop short where your cold chain starts— from refrigerators and freezers in food and pharmaceutical manufacturing, warehousing and retail to transportation and outdoor storage yards in winter climates.

Consumer safety is the primary role of cold chain management. The food and pharmaceutical industries must take every measure to protect perishable goods from the manufacturing floor to the consumer’s door— including transport, retail storage, and merchandising in between. The Produce Marketing Association estimates that 25% of all food products are wasted each year due to breaches in integrity due to fluctuations in temperature leading to product degradation.

With rugged and reliable mobility in your cold chain operations, you’ll benefit from the end-to-end operational visibility you need to make better and more informed decisions. Important decisions that can help you reduce costs, while increasing overall efficiency, throughput, task accuracy and customer service and safety.

Zebra has the expertise and solutions to help your cold chain operations run smoothly, efficiently and more profitably.

Zebra Cold Chain Portfolio:

With Zebra’s Cold Chain Portfolio, you’ll find everything you need to create a complete solution for every type of worker in any type of cold chain environment.

MC9300 Freezer
TC8300 Freezer
ET5X Tablets